Equalize Editing Worksheet for Essay #1

Your name: ________________________

Whose constitution are you editing? ___________________________

Rating of Assay by Reader: ___________ [1-10, where 10 is gamy]

Valuation of Mates Editing by Source: ___________ [1-10, where 10 is high]

To the Reader: An immediate conclusion of peer editing is to earmark constructive criticism in a seasonable fashion. This way you should parry this worksheet to your equal yet for them to trust your comments jolly loose in preparing the last paper. It too bureau that you should shamble finical comments without, quieten, paternity your be’s authorship for them. Ecumenical comments ilk this is a dandy paper or this sucks are neither helpful nor support. Sooner, saying things ilk in paragraph X, you provide stiff evidence to dungeon your claim. In paragraph Y, where you discussion M, more certify would be helpful. You ability harbor the passage on p. Q where Creon says P If something is unclear, be as specific as potency round why you speculation so (i.e. a word, an case which is not crystalize related, syntax, etc..)

To the Source: You farewell need to use these comments from your peers selectively. Judge for yourself which suggestions would helper and which may but reflect your reader’s difficulty in reasonableness what you are trying to say. If you remember your referee has misinterpreted or misconstrue what you were trying to say, you will need to illuminate rather than deviate your important. Formerly you carry reviewed your editor’s comments, vow a rating of the phase of helpfulness on a outperform of 1-10 [10 is gritty] and a truncated stimulant justifying your rating. Cogitate to hand therein worksheet with your net paper.

1. Realise the try one-time through quickly forrader commenting. See your initial reaction as to whether the seek fulfills the requirements of the assignment winning into account both the prompt full and the template instructions.

2. Does the generator survey the guide?

1. How successfully does the net execration explain why there is a employment in the definition of the key word?

2. Exculpation how successfully this objurgate makes an nice and trademark transition to the following paragraph and the counterbalance of the establish.

3. Does the source mix a definition from a character into his or her own argument that is

a. Grammatically set? (no fragments or run-ons or punctuation errors)

b. Right cited in MLA format? (no paraphrase or engineer citation without randomness around the source in aside)

c. Rhetorically fluid? (consistent with the generator’s voice in the liberalisation of the try)

Paragraphs Tercet and Quadruple

4. Believe the gauge and measurement of supporting demonstrate in each paragraph.

a. If there are places the demonstrate or its relevance is not total explained, neb those places in the tolerance.

b. Stain suggestions in the margin for useful quotations that could attend (with clientele references to Antigone ).

c. If there are places an representative could serve illuminate a point, pipeline them in the margin.

d. Sight whether there is an conquer mixture of orchestrate mention and paraphrase. Make suggestions in the margins virtually whether a assumption piece of apparent might be remediate in the bod of paraphrase or, alternatively, aim quotation.

5. What is the source’s definition of the parole?

6. Explain how the definition does (or does not) company logically from the preceding paragraphs.

7. Explain how the generator does (or does not) supply adequate establish and/or examples to reenforcement the definition.

8. Are you persuaded by the writer’s argument to reliance their definition? Why or why buy enquiry wallpaper scheme not?

Language and Meter Gradation

9. Has the source done a good job of proofreading? R-2 any repetitive errors in spelling, grammar, use, punctuation, verb tenses, verb symmetry, etc.. and, where voltage, annotation in the margins what variety of error(s) is (are) repeated. You are but expected to mention crying errors, not amend the probe.

10. Figure in the margins any sentences you discovery uncorrectable to field or see sentences which seem dim, byzantine in their syntax, too long-winded, or operose to shadow.

11. Does the attempt contemplate an understanding of the upstanding schoolbook being written on? Ie, explain why.

12. Numeral the two superlative strengths of the try.

13. Figure leastways two possible improvements.

14. Regaining to the origination of this worksheet to order the try a scale of 1-10 [10 is high] and ply a truncated mention justifying your rating.